Starting on the inside…

We drove by the house yesterday, and they had drywall stacked up inside, but no drywall had been installed yet. They finally installed the final window (the front of the bay window). We also met our neighbor to the left, and she is closing on her house this coming Monday. She said that she was planning to put in a fence, so hopefully it will be done by the time we move in, and if we want to add a fence we will just have to do one side and the back! It would be even better if our neighbors to the right get one installed too 🙂

In other exciting news, my friend Erin had her baby yesterday (4/3/07). Her name is Ellie, and she weighed in at 6lbs 2 oz. She came a month early – if she would have been full-term I can only imagine that she would have been quite large!


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