Finally, an update!

I snapped some shots of the interior of our home. Right now, everything is functional for day-to-day living, but we still have a long way to go. About 1/4 of the garage is still covered in boxes, no pictures are on the walls, and we haven’t even thought about painted yet. You’ll have to use your imagination.
Kitchen, now complete with fridge:
Living room:
Living room from foyer. Ignore the crazy lady on TV. I was watching a “What Not to Wear” marathon.
Master bedroom:
a hint of the master bath:
Spare bath:

Spare bedroom #1 from the doorway. Not much to see here; this is basically a hodgepodge room with a couch, tv, treadmill, and Tim’s closet šŸ™‚
Spare bedroom #2 from the doorway:

from the window:

Bobo thinks this bedroom belongs to him:

Here are a few pictures from the outside…
Bobo & the Welcome mat:

Tim mowed the lawn and put solar lights up in the driveway!

I don’t know what this is, but it was planted in out front yard, and it’s blooming!

More pictures to come when I take them. Hopefully the place will be more “put together” as soon as we get through this month of trips!
R.I.P Max
In loving memory of my family’s beloved pup, Max, who passed away from an auto-immune disease Thursday morning. We will miss you, stuffie.



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