Small Update

We have done a few things since the last time I posted. The most significant is that I can now park in the garage. Tim put a lot of things up in the storage attic over the garage, and we still have several boxes of items to sort through which are now in our living room.
We’ve started decorating for Halloween! Several houses in our neighborhood have “gone all out” but we’re only doing a few fun things.
Here is our skeleton on our front door:
(he glows in the dark)

Here are our blinking eyes in the windows. We may put one in the attic window as well:

We also purchased a big spider and some spiderweb to wrap around the arbor. We’ll probably go get a pumpkin or two this weekend so we can carve them. The neighborhood has a lot of kids, so we’re hoping there will be a big turnout!On another note, we found a pretty nice deal on Craigslist for a dresser. A nice couple sold it to us for $65, and it’s solid wood. Here is a pic:

Here is what I usually find when I get out of the shower in the morning:

I’ll update again soon with the rest of our decorations 🙂

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