Bringing the girls home…

Though I never was much of a girly-girl, I collected porcelain dolls when I was younger. They have been living at my grandmother’s house since I went away to college. I moved most of them into our china cabinet a few months ago, but I am just now moving my two favorites.
Little Red Riding Hood is by far the most important of my dolls. She was a 16th birthday present from my parents. My mom had to go to great lengths to find this doll because she was a limited edition doll in a Storybook series by artist Diana Effner and had not been in production since 1990 or so. We have kept her in a glass case for the last 12 years, so she is in perfect condition:
Another well-preserved doll is also by Dianna Effner and is called “Sunshine & Lollipops”. She doesn’t have a cool story, but she’s cute:

I now have both of the dolls in their cases on top of the china cabinet.

I meant to include this in my last post. This sconce is hanging in the master bathroom. Ignore the candle; its replacement, a purple candle in “Blackberry Sage”, is on the way:

Spoiled Brat:


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