Our first Christmas tree…

We put up our first Christmas tree yesterday! It still needs a few more things (extension cord and a tree skirt) but it is generally done. Our star is crooked, but it is still cute 🙂

A little blurry w/o the flash…

We have a wreath on the door as well. It has battery-powered lights, but I still need to go get the batteries!

I told Bobo that he didn’t need to pose until we had the tree skirt, but he got into position anyway…

Tim is putting icicle lights up on the house some time this week! More pictures to come.

One thought on “Our first Christmas tree…

  1. Bobo is too cute for words. Do you have new pics with everything put together? I need to take a pic with the Martha Stewart ligh-up thingy (my technical term) that B made & the feather tree. We haven’t hung our tiki stockings this year!Anna

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