Getting used to each other…

Bobo & Cocoa are starting to hang out a little more. In general, she wants to be around him (or us) constantly, and he makes it clear that he thinks she is a little annoying. I noticed yesterday that he initiated more contact with her. In this case, she was chewing on her Kong toy, and he went outside to lay next to her:
They were just chilling together here:
Here, she scooted over until she was up against his back, but he didn’t get up and move.

I can tell she really wants to be accepted, and because Bobo is such a passive dog he will tolerate anything. However, I really think that over time he will enjoy having her around, especially once she is bigger than him. Most of his close dog friends are bigger than him, and they play really rough – he loves it!
As for the house in general, our next project is going to be painting. We’ve pretty much decided on the colors for the kitchen & accent wall in the living room, the spare bath, and the spare bedroom. I just need a color that will span most of the house (living room, hallway), the other spare bedroom, and the master bath. The house will look really nice when it isn’t all white!
I’ll post pictures of the spare bathroom when I put up the new decor.



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