May 8, 2008

BOBO: Did I say she was annoying before? Well, she’s REALLY annoying now. She keeps licking my eyes and my mouth, over and over and over! I just want to be left alone. Plus, every time Mom & Dad try to pet me she gets in the way. She even tries to eat my food! At least she isn’t peeing in the house now. I showed her where to go so she doesn’t get into trouble. Now that she knows how to get outside she is bugging me in the yard too! Dad’s going back to work tomorrow. I guess I should entertain her. She tore up all of my stuffed toys, though.

COCOA: I’m starting to like this place. I keep getting food and belly rubs! Bobo is nice. I’m going to keep giving him kisses to show him how much I like him. I’m starting to figure out what to do. I have been assigned a bed, but I found another one I like better and so far no one has complained. I also have been assigned a HUGE area of grass to use as a toilet. Bobo showed me how to find the grass, so now I can go inside and outside whenever I want. I love my new toys, but I MUST find the squeaker. I MUST eat the squeaker.


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