May 16, 2008

BOBO: I think I would like this chick a lot more if she’d stop licking my face. Now she’s nibbling my ears! She’s kind of fun to chase around the yard, but she hasn’t figured out yet when to leave me alone. I’m an old man, and I need my beauty sleep.

COCOA: I figured something out. If Mom says “Sit” and I jump up to grab the treat, she won’t give it to me! If she says sit and I put my butt on the ground, she gives it to me! I don’t understand it, but I guess I have to follow this silly rule if I want a treat.

I also tested out a new bathroom. It’s in the corner, so I figured it would be out of the way. Bobo didn’t care, but mom yelled at me and chased me out the back door! She seemed happier when I finished peeing outside.


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