June 6, 2008

BOBO: It’s so hot! I’ve been digging in the dirt a bit to keep cool against the house, but for the most part I’m just staying indoors. I still can’t quit panting, though! I don’t know how Mom & Dad stay outside all day. They leave in the morning and don’t come in until the late afternoon. Cocoa is nuts – she is sunning outside in this heat! I can’t get enough water.

COCOA: Well, today I did this thing Mom & Dad called “the vet”. They put me in the car (I hate it, I hate it!) and drove me to a new place where there were other dogs out in the open. Then they took me to a smaller room and put me on a table! It was kind of scary, and I thought I might slide off! Someone gave me some treats and poked around on me for a while. She also gave me a lot of head rubbing so I didn’t mind too much. It wasn’t too bad. Bobo told me they would stick me with a sharp object, but they didn’t. I was scared it would be the same place as the last strange place I went. That time, they gave me something that made me sleepy and I woke up with a lot of pain near my tummy. I don’t mind going back, but I wish we could walk there and not get in the car! I hate it!


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