House updates…

We had a productive weekend! First of all, we found a nice ceiling fan to replace our plain white one in the living room. Tim is in love with this fan, especially because it puts out a lot more cool air! We moved the white one to the spare bedroom.
We also painted! We finished both the kitchen and an accent wall in the living room. Here is the work when it was in progress:
And here is the finished product!

We (well, Tim) also decided to hang some of our sconces & frames so the walls are no longer so bare. Action shot:

Sconces in the dining area:

Shadow Boxes above the entertainment center. Those random items are just temporary – we’ll get nicer vases or something to put inside. Excuse the clutter of frames!

I had to get the fan in a shot:
Our kitchen art looks much better with the orange wall!

Warning! Too many detail pictures ahead!
New spare bathroom items:

And in the Master, we have a new wall cabinet:

New hamper:

New shower caddy (this on was really cool b/c it was adjustable!)We now have a curved shower rod above the garden tub. There is suddenly a LOT more space inside the shower!

New stainless items for the Master bath. We have a new stainless trash can too, but I didn’t take a picture of it.



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