June 12, 2008

BOBO: Sometimes being big has its disadvantages. I’ve tried and tried to escape from under the fence, but can’t seem to pull it off. My head fits, but nothing else. I can’t complain too much, though, because I go in and out as I please and I get a lot of long walks. I guess I’m just jealous that Cocoa fits under there.

COCOA: On most days, I hang out inside chewing stuff or roll around outside. Sometimes I can hear people on the other side of the wall and I can peek under and watch what they’re doing. Well, today I found a way to join them. I have to lay reeeeeeeally flat and wiggle, but then I pop out on the other side of the wall! I ran around for a bit, and the strangers were nice to me. They looked at my cool collar, then the lady talked on the phone while the man pet me. A minute later, Mom came over and picked me up. I didn’t even have time to play! I wanted to go back again, but there’s something strange blocking our little door. Now I’m stuck inside! I guess I’ll just tear up this stuffed bunny instead. What if I need to pee????


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