July 15, 2008

BOBO: I had a suspicion that Cocoa’s food was more delicious than mine, so I decided to give it a taste while Mom wasn’t looking. Sure enough, it was more meat and less veggies. I watched Mom when she re-filled our bowls. Cocoa’s is supposed to be for growth. I guess b/c she’s just a kid. Mine is called “Healthy Weight”. Hmm. I might be mistaken, but I think Mom & Dad are insinuating that I’m fat.

COCOA: “NO” is the bad word. I know what the bad word means. Mom & Dad say the bad word when they want me to stop whatever I’m doing. They say the bad word when I try to give them a tooth kiss or if I want to cross the street by myself. They use the bad word on Bobo too, especially when he puts my whole head in his mouth.
P.S. Mom told me I am 7 months old today!


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