September 13, 2008

BOBO: Dad sure is loud when his favorite football team plays. I’m used to it, and I just leave the room or go outside. Cocoa still gets scared, though, because she thinks he is yelling at her. I told her to come outside, and I decided to play with her for a while. Yeah, I know, I’m too kind.

COCOA: I didn’t feel well last night. I found something to crunch on, but then it started leaking something wet and I spit it out. A little while later, my belly hurt so I went outside to get some grass. Then I threw up. Yuck. Mom freaked out when she saw me, though, because she said my tongue is blue! She also said my barf was blue, but she was too busy trying to clean it up for me to see. She showed me what I crunched on, and told me “NO!” She said Dad’s “SHARPIES” will always make me sick. I didn’t know! It was on the coffee table, and I like to check out the coffee table for goodies.


One thought on “September 13, 2008

  1. hahaha, match got a hold of a hot pink fountain pen one night. he looked like he had lipstick and nail polish on. it was pretty cute, but such a mess to clean up.

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