Sorry for the lack of updates…

I haven’t updated in a while, but our dogs update their blog more frequently –
We (and by we, I mean Tim) painted another portion of the living room. It is a neutral beige color, with just a tiny hint of orange so it looks great with the orange accent wall.
We hung a few more pictures, and had to rearrange the dining area to make room for Cocoa’s crate. Tim has also had to do a bunch of damage control because Cocoa has a destructive streak. He’s had to reconstruct a window sill corner, replace dry wall tape near the bay window (not to mention patch & sand some areas), and putty & sand several spots on the baseboards. Hopefully she’ll get through this soon!
Cocoa has also dug a trench pretty much all the way around the house. It would be obnoxious if she wasn’t so darn cute. She also likes to dig, get really dirty, then come through the doggie door and get dirt all over the kitchen and living room. Nice.
Our next project (after we finish painting the living room and hallway) will likely be flooring. We’d like to pull up the carpet in the living room/dining/hallway and put down hardwood laminate flooring. Hardwoods would be nice, but the dogs would likely damage it and it isn’t necessary at our neighborhood’s price point. It would definitely make the house look more modern and polished.
New toys: we’ve already exchanged Christmas presents. Tim now has a PS3, but I haven’t taken any pictures. I must admit that I enjoy it as well – I like watching movies on blu-ray. Tim let me get my first digital SLR camera. I’ve been eyeing it for a while because I really want to learn how to use one. I started with a base model Nikon – the D40. I need to pick up a memory card, and then I’ll post some pictures in my next update.



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