#23: Read 50 books in 1 year

It looks like #23 is the only thing I keep working on!  I need to actively try to achieve some of the other goals.

I finished 2 quick books in a short amount of time.  Remember Me, a book from my youth, was the first.  It was just like I remembered it.  The second book I read today was the first of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series – The Gunslinger.  I’ve read most of SK’s books since I was a huge fan in my teens, but for some reason I never read this series.  Now that I’m on a series kick, I figured I’d try them out.  This first book was distrubing, confusing, and really screwed up.  I’m sure things will make more sense as the series continues.

So, I’ve knocked out the 10th and 11th books out of my 50.  Up next is Voyager, the 3rd book in the Outlander series.  I’m also planning to start Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the 4th Harry Potter book.  I might alternate between the two since I’m excited for both but they are both very long books.  I’m about 100 pages into Voyager, and I’m sure I’ll read more tonight.


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