#32: Get Cocoa microchipped & Bobo updated

We took Cocoa to the vet yesterday to have her microchipped and had Bobo scanned so we would know his microchip number.  I called the company who supposedly handles his chip (AVID), but they said the chip number is a Home Again brand chip (coincidentally, the company who handles Cocoa’s chip.  So, I registered both Bobo & Cocoa online with the company.   Here’s the part that bugs me – I have to pay $30 a year for the records to be kept in their system!  Back in 2001, when Bobo was chipped, this service was free.  Regardless, I’m glad I have this checked off.  It makes me feel safer to know that they’ll be scanned at the animal shelter if they’re ever picked up.  Both of my babies are pit mixes, so they probably wouldn’t be put up for adoption if they were turned in.

bobo & cocoa


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