#45: Meet 3 online friends in real life

Hooray!  I knocked this one out all at once.   In fact,  I was an overachiever – I met about 15 online friends in real life over the weekend.

During my wedding planning, I joined the message boards on The Knot for advice.  I started posting right after my engagement in February 2007.   I made a lot of internet buddies,  some of whom I still talk to daily through email.

A few months after the wedding, I moved over to the sister site of The Knot called The Nest.  The Nest has a local board but also a variety of boards for different interests.  I started posting on the book club since I’m an obsessive reader.  I had just finished reading the Twilight series last fall and needed a place to chat about it, so I had found  my new online home.

The movie Twilight was released on DVD/Blu-ray over the weekend,  so a group of girls from my local board decided to have what ended up being called the Sparkletastic Vampwhore party in Charlotte.  I had a great time, and was able to meet a few people who I’ve been talking to for months but have never met before.  What a great time!  I hope I’m able to meet up with some of them again.


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