#44: Get in contact with 1 lost friend

This one came to me, so it’s almost wrong for me to claim it as my own.

I was a Resident Advisor my junior year in college, and became very close with my suitemates.  I ended up living with 2 of them my senior year, but lost touch with the the other because she was a year older and graduated.  I think she was included on a few mass emails over the years, but in the past 3 or 4 years I didn’t even know how to get in touch with her.  To tell you the truth, I kind of forgot about a lot of my friends from college.

Recently, she contacted me via an old email address (which, luckily, I still check) and said she was thinking about life and about people she had been close to in the past.  We all turned 30 this year, so it was a time to reflect on our youth I guess.  She has started her own business and is doing really well, but really wanted to get back in touch with us  after her father became ill.

She organized a get-together at a spa for the weekend, so two other friends and I met up with her in Pinehurst, NC for a mini-reunion of sorts.  I had already been keeping in touch with the two other girls who came to the spa (one was a bridesmaid in my wedding) so it was really a reunion just for her.   We had a great time!  It was a very relaxing weekend, and it was so easy to catch back up, even though I haven’t seen her in 8 years.


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