#23: Read 50 books in 1 year

Finished The Reader.


Beautifully written; some amazing quotes.

I’m currently participating in Script Frenzy, a 30 day challenge to write 100 pages of a script.  I’m at 65 pages or so,  and we’re just past the halfway mark so I’m on track.  I planned to stop reading for a few days so I can get ahead on the script, but ended up having a writing-free night last night.  Instead, I perused my bookshelf and found The Lovely Bones, a story I’ve read only once but I remember it is powerful and depressing.

What is it with me and depressing stories?

Anyway, I have 6 books coming from Barnes & Noble,  so I need to crack down on the script.   The scent of new book is just too much temptation for me.


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