Backtrack to December 2008: The Mountain Vacation

COCOA: I’m starting this time. Sorry, Bo.

Ok, let’s go waaaaaay back to last December. I got in the car. I thought maybe we were going to the park or something. Boy, was I wrong! I was in the car FOREVER! I was in the car so long, I thought maybe Mom & Dad had decided it was our new home. I was not happy about this because I only got to go outside a few times, and it was only for a few minutes!

We ended up in a really cool place, though. It was pretty, it was cold, and there was some of these weird little pieces of ice on the ground. I tasted some of it – it was pretty good.

Bobo tasted some of it too. I think he liked it.
BOBO: Yeah, the snow tasted pretty good. I forgot Cocoa had never seen snow before. I’ve not even seen it that often myself.

So, we stayed in this little cabin. I liked it ok, but I didn’t have access to the yard whenever I wanted. Cocoa had it worse, though. She had to stay in her crate when Mom & Dad went anywhere AND at night.

We did go for hikes and long walks, though I think some animals were stalking us at some point. Yeah, I’m paranoid like that. I barked to warn them to STAY BACK, but I think my bark may have made me sound even more delicious.


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