Making some progress…

We’re starting to update the decor of our house, or, as Tim calls it, “getting our big boy furniture.” No big boy living room furniture yet, but we did get this nice rug to put under the coffee table:

And this rug for the entrance. Bobo & Cocoa decided immediately it was a good place for a nap.
We’re also working on the landscaping in the backyard. We purchased sod since our only attempt to grow grass from seed failed miserably. When these pictures were taken, it was still completely dormant:

This area will end up being a little vegetable garden. I murder plants in general; lets hope I can keep the vegetables semi-alive long enough to eat a few of them:
We’re also extending the teeny-tiny patio with stone. Tim bordered off the area here:
…and here for a walkway from the gate to the patio:
I didn’t take a picture of it, but the back right corner of the yard will have a landscaped area with a few bushes and one nice tree. I think we’re going to get a white dogwood.We ordered bedroom furniture, and it will be here next week. I’ll take pictures of it when it comes in. We also purchased a new mattress and new bedding. I’ll get pictures up this weekend, hopefully!


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