#23: Read 50 books in 1 year & #29: Read 3 classic novels

I finished 1984, which means I get a double check off.  Good for me, right?

After finishing,  I have decided I have mixed feelings on this book.  I get the hype, and why it’s considered a masterpiece – it was really progressive for its time, and is still a very thought-provoking book.  However, it was a really tedious read at times.   I wasn’t terribly interested in the beginning, but then the story started to pick up and draw me in.  Just when I was starting to get invested, it got TERRIBLY boring, then some drama happened, then it got downright disturbing (which I’m ok with, but it was repetitive and drawn-out).

I’m surprised I didn’t like this book more, since another “negative utopia” novel – Brave New World by Aldous Huxley – is one of my favorite reads.  Perhaps it’s because I’m a science girl and not a politics girl?


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