#24: Saturday Downtown Market

I have seen signs for a saturday open market since I have lived here, but never took the time on Saturday to check it out.   Water St. downtown is roped off from 8-1 every Saturday so vendors can set up and sell produce.  When I lived on the northeast side of town, the drive just didn’t feel worth it.  Plus, when I lived with my old roommate I used to spend most of Saturday morning in bed after going out on Friday night.

Once my husband and I moved closer to downtown, I have been interested in checking out this market to see if the produce, meat, eggs, etc are similar in price to those organic products I buy in the store.

Finally, since my husband had the day off, we decided to check it out.  There were many vendors and all of the produce was locally grown, most of it organic.  The prices were similar to grocery store organic products (some a bit more expensive) but the customer has the advantage of knowing exactly where the product has been raised or grown.  We didn’t buy anything that day, but I might go back on my own next weekend and pick up some goodies.

One highlight of the market – dogs everywhere!  Almost everyone had their pet out for a walk.  It made me want to bring mine, though I think I’d have to alternate.  I don’t want to end up like one of the girls we saw, whose huge dog pulled her so hard she ended up tripping over some potted plants, dropping the leash, and face planting on the road right in front of us.


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