July 2009: Get prepared for a posting marathon!

BOBO: So, Dad’s at work and Mom’s playing with her new washer and dryer. Cocoa and I have been outside all day long and now we’re both pooped. Suddenly – a thought! I’ve decided that we will catch all of you up to speed.

COCOA: I guess I’ll help a little bit.

BOBO: You’ll do more than a little bit! We’re going to take turns here.

COCOA: Ok ok, I’ll get comfortable here on the couch (don’t tell Mom!)

BOBO: Where did we leave off? Oh yes, last December. After our mountain vacation, we took another trip in the car. Do you remember where, Cocoa?

COCOA: What? Oh sorry. I was distracted. Did you hear that sound? I think I heard something outside. Be right back.

BOBO: Never mind, just ignore her. ANYWAY, after the weekend trip to the mountains, we got back in the car and went a house we have visited a few times. This time, it was very full of people. Big people, little people, and other dogs. One of the dogs was little but he didn’t really have much to say. The other one –

COCOA: I’m back. It was nothing.

BOBO: Of course it was nothing. I was just talking about those dogs we hung out with last winter.

COCOA: Oh yeah. I’m going to tell this story, ok? So, we met these two dogs and they were nice but one of them was really little and the other was just kind of little and the really little dog didn’t really talk to us but the kind of little dog had a lot to say and not all of it was good.

BOBO: Breathe.

COCOA: I’m telling the story! Ok, then the little dog told me that he is in charge of his house and that if people don’t do what he says he GROWLS or BITES at them! Most of the time he just kisses them, but sometimes he says it’s ok to GROWL. He also told me that he was bigger than me and Bobo but he was lying because I saw him beside Bobo and he was smaller. PLUS he said that I was bigger than Bobo too which isn’t true b/c Bobo can beat me up and I still can get on Mom & Dad’s laps. Right, Bobo?

BOBO: Um….sure Cocoa. You’re just a tiny little thing.

COCOA: Why are you laughing?

BOBO: Never mind. The point is that we spent some time with a bunch of people and some other dogs. It was fun. I don’t like getting in the water, but I like looking at it and the house had a nice deck with a view of the lake.

COCOA: I tried to get in the water!

BOBO: That’s because you’re an idiot. We only stayed a couple of days, then we went back home again.

COCOA: I know what happened next! Let me tell it!

BOBO: Go ahead. I’m going to go stretch out in the sun for a bit.

COCOA: Ok – next came my birthday! Mom & Dad told me I was born on December 15, 2008. Bobo was born on July 4, 2000. On July 4, 2008 Bobo got a big fat steak! So, I was really excited to get a big fat steak for my birthday! But I only ended up getting a big fat bone! It was delicious and I ate it all in an hour.

I asked Bobo why he got a big fat steak and I only got a big fat bone and he said, “Maybe it’s because I don’t have a lot of birthdays left.” I don’t know what he meant, but he looked sad when he said it so I didn’t ask anything else.

Where did he go? Anyway, I know what came after that. We did a lot of stuff in December. We went on another car trip and we rode for a while but it wasn’t terrible and I slept most of the time and when we got out of the car we were at the fun house in the woods. The little dog Doza was there, but another girl dog was there too. Her name is Reilly and she’s cool but she’s kind of scared like I am.

BOBO: I’m back. Too many bugs.

COCOA: I was telling everyone about Reilly and Doza.

BOBO: Oh yes. I don’t know Doza very well, but I have known Reilly for years. She’s cool, but she likes to spend time alone. I love going to the house in the woods because I’m allowed to explore the neighborhood.

COCOA: I had fun! Everyone pets me! Everyone gives me presents! I play in a big yard!

BOBO: We stayed for a few days. It was fun, but I missed Dad.

COCOA: Me too. Then we went home and I gave him one zillion kisses. You did too!

BOBO: Let’s see…what happened after that. Oh yea – snow day. It was just a tiny fluff of snow, but I usually don’t see any. I saw it more when I was young.

COCOA: I had no idea what was going on, but I liked it! It tasted good and was cold on my feet.

BOBO: I was happy for the Spring. What happened next?

COCOA: OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG we got graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaass!! Lots of new grass in the back yard. I love it so much!

BOBO: Geez, calm down! You’re making me dizzy! Yes, I also love the grass. The dirt was fun to dig in, but the grass feels wonderful on my feet and my belly. Then Dad made a brick path and I like to walk up and down over to the gate.

COCOA: No, before the bricky bricks came the new stuff inside the house! Mom & Dad kept moving all of the stuff around the house. They ripped up the floor! Ripped up the floor! I wanted to cry b/c I didn’t know what I was going to lay on all day. They left the floor in some of the rooms so I went to those.BOBO: That’s right – before the stuff outside, Mom & Dad put down new floors. I knew they wouldn’t leave it concrete but Cocoa was really worried. It was kind of funny. As soon as they started putting the floors down, I just made myself right at home. The hammering was annoying though.
COCOA: I know! I didn’t want to come in. I stayed in the bedroom. When they were done I liked it though.

BOBO: Me too. Now I have the option of a cool floor or a couple of nice rugs. There’s even a good one at the front door, so I can relax AND scope out the neighbors. Then came the moving of the beds.

COCOA: I don’t like this one.

BOBO: Yeah, but I’m used to it now. So the little bed we used to use got taken away and Mom & Dad moved their bed into that room. THEN THEY DIDN’T LET US ON IT! They closed the door so we couldn’t get in.

COCOA: AND they kicked us out of their bed!!! They got this great big bed and I said whooo hooo b/c there was now plenty of room for all of us since I used to get kicked sometimes but then they brought in new comfy bedthings and when I tried to get up there they say that word I hate so much – NO! No, you have to sleep in your little dog bed.

BOBO: In all fairness, our little beds are comfortable.

COCOA: I know, but I want to cuddle! Now I have to cuddle with you!

BOBO: Like you didn’t anyway.COCOA: The same thing happened when new things came in the big room. I’m used to getting on the big green couch whenever I want, but they brought in red ones instead and when I tried to get up they said “No!”

BOBO: Not always, though.

COCOA: No, sometimes they say, “Okay Okay” and then I get up. So now I know to wait and look at them and if it’s ok they say “Okay Okay” and if it’s not they say “No.”

BOBO: I get up there when they’re at work.

COCOA: I know! I can’t b/c I stay in my little house. They know you get up there, though, b/c Mom always says you leave your hair everywhere.

BOBO: Can’t help it. I’m a hairy man.

COCOA: So, we went to the dog park today. I had fun. Last time, I almost got eaten! I’ve never had that many other rush at me all at once, and I was scared. One of the dogs tried to munch on me! I tried to dig a hole and bury myself in it.

BOBO: I felt bad for you, but that guy was really mean. He shouldn’t have been there. Today was better, though. Everyone was nice.

COCOA: Yeah, today was fun. I made some friends, but it was HOT outside and I was happy to come home and pass out.

BOBO: Speaking of, I’m going to go get Mom and tell her we caught up our blog. I’m sure she’ll want to put up stupid pictures of us.


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