#33: Transfer all CDs to iTunes

FINALLY!  This project took a few days.  I had no idea how many random CDs I had around the house.   About 50 were in my car, another 100 or so in an old CaseLogic case and about 10 more in Tim’s vehicle.  Some of them imported quickly, but to my dismay a large number of them were semi-damaged and took FOREVER to import.  I’m happy this project is completed b/c I never want to do this again…


One thought on “#33: Transfer all CDs to iTunes

  1. I found your 101 in 1001 through the nest and I’m just reading a bunch of them to see how other people are doing. But this is a task that I didn’t put on my list but it’s something a dread doing. Glad you got it done and over with! =]

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