#22: Eat at 10 new restaurants

We ate a bunch of junk in Florida, but I did enjoy one restaurant – BJ’s Brewhouse.   For some reason, after a day of sweating like a pig at a theme park I really wanted to eat blackened salmon and mashed potatoes.  BJ’s actually had a delicious salmon dish, plus mixed veggies and a wedge salad.  Yum.

By the way, I just now realized how dumb some of my categories are.  10 new restaurants under “expand knowledge”?  I must of been spaced out when I created some of the things on this list.  Oh well, too late to change it now.


One thought on “#22: Eat at 10 new restaurants

  1. I think you can adjust your list if you’d like. I made my list and have tweaked things as life has evolved. Welcome back from FL, glad you had a good time!

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