#85: Catch a fish

Does this goal sound strange to anyone?

I decided to put this on my 101 list because I have never been fishing in my life.   I grew up in the South and I live on the coast, so it’s odd that I have never even attempted to catch a fish.

This weekend, my father-in-law decided to hire a fishing guide to fish on Lake Murray and I decided to tag along.  I ended up catching 4 fish, one of which was the biggest catch of our day!


Yes, I realize I look like a fat boy in this picture.  This was the second fish; my first one was bigger but I didn’t get a good picture of me with it.

I had this categorized as “good for the soul” but in all honesty I felt a little guilty about killing the fish.  We threw back 2 of mine and plan to eat the other 2 but I didn’t enjoy how long it took them to die, flopping about in the cooler.


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