#88: Jog a mile in the rain

I have been slack and so this post has been delayed a couple of weeks.

After my 101 list laziness of September, I re-checked the list to see if there was something that spoke to me.  Nothing really stood out.

One afternoon during the first week of this month, I had sudden inspiration.  I had just arrived home from work and the dogs were anxious for a walk, but it was raining.  Not pouring, but raining hard enough that people would be crazy to walk the dogs in it.

Here is my super-special secret:  rain gives me power!  I used to jog about 30 miles a week back in 2005-06 or so.  That was when I discovered that a light drizzle was the BEST running weather.  Right now I’m a fat schlump and I can barely jog, so I thought my “Jog a mile in the rain” was a goal best suited for the future after I had gotten into a little bit better shape.  Then I remembered:  rain gives me power!

I leashed the dogs and set out on my journey.  After about 10 minutes of walking, I began a slooooooow jog and kept going at a slow pace for 20 minutes.  People drove by and looked at us like we were nuts.   I made the mistake of wearing a big baggy t-shirt which began to drag on me with the weight of the water.  We splashed a lot.  Still, I know I can usually power walk a mile in 15 minutes or so, so 20 minutes of continuous joggings was surely a mile?  Right?  RIGHT?  I’m counting it anyway.

Pros to jogging inthe rain:  My fat arse can jog for 20 minutes straight, when I usually jog for about 5 min max at a time.  Rain Gives Me Power!

Cons to jogging in the rain:  I can handle all of them, with one exception.

The evil copperhead snake.

I guess Mr. Copperhead was washed out of his evil copperhead snake nest because he was coiled up in the middle of the street.  We must have jogged by him without noticing him (or else he moves very fast!) because I didn’t see him until we were coming back DOWN the street.

I wish my life was a movie and someone had caputured this on film.  By this time, we were walking post-jog.  The dogs were trotting.  I was into the music on my iPod.  The rain was still coming down.   Suddenly, there he was.  Coiled up, evil triangle head sticking up in the air.   I said, out loud, “F*ckf*ckf*ck!!!” and yanked 100 lbs worth of dogs off their collective feet and into the air.   I had the shudders all the way home.


The worst part of running in the rain is taking off your rain-soaked clothes and shoes.  Doubly bad if you have wet, angry dogs.  Cocoa didn’t mind, as she seems to love the water.  Bobo on the other hand was PISSED.


Bobo does not approve of this. cocoa

Cocoa:  too dumb to care?


While Bobo sulked, Cocoa too this oppportunity to lick the water from his body, cat-style.

This has been one of my favorite check-offs so far 🙂


One thought on “#88: Jog a mile in the rain

  1. No joke, I would have done way more than cuss a blue streak – think Cosby and the “first you say it, then you do it” line. :/ I’m glad you guys are okay!!

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