Extra: book #57

Beginning November 1, I will be participating in National Novel Writing Month.   Like Script Frenzy (which I won in April remember??) participants have one month reach their writing goal.  For NaNo, the goal is to write a 50K word novel.    I have had my idea in my head since MAY or so, and I’ve been bouncing it around my brain to see where it leads.  I’m thrilled but also a little scared to actually get it down on paper.  I love my idea, but what if my writing doesn’t do it justice?

So, November will probably be a month of little reading for me.

In preparation for NaNoWriMo, I read Stephen King’s On Writing.  King has been one of my favorite authors since I was very young, but this is the first time I picked up his non-fiction work.  I was still impressed.  Anything I can learn from him makes me happy.

Wish me NaNo luck, please!  My goal (as listed in the 101 list) is to complete an 80K word novel. It would be AWESOME if I knock out 50K of those words during the month of November.


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