#21: Complete 5 tourist activities in my own city

What do people traveling to Wilmington do?

They go to the USS North Carolina, our own battleship museum.   Amusingly, I haven’t been to the battleship as an adult and my husband has never been at all.  We decided to head over and check it out on October 24.  A perfect day, since it wouldn’t be too hot and had not yet gotten too cold.


We had a great time, but I would like to warn some of you claustrophobes out there (like me) – some of the areas were a tight fit!  Others were deep down in the ship, and the air seemed to be thin.  I can only imagine the panic attack I would have had in some of those spaces if they had been packed with bodies during peak tourist season!

Also, people who travel to Wilmington like to take little excursions to the surrounding area attractions, one of which is Southport/Oak Island.  Not much to see at the Oak Island lighthouse, but my husband had never been so we took the dogs on a little exploration.



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