#70: Pay Tim’s truck off early

This one has been a HUGE work in progress, and one that I am absolutely thrilled to check off.  Tim took out a 6 year loan in 2005 for his new truck, a truck that in my opinion was ridiculously expensive and completely unnecessary but since I was not married to or dating him at that time, I had no say over it at all.

He paid the minimum payment on the vehicle until after we were married in 2008.  After than, I took over the payments and started paying $100 over the minimum.  After several months, when I realized we could afford it, I started making double payments.  Finally, for the past 6 months I’ve been paying double payments PLUS and extra $200/month.

As a result, I made the last payment on December 1!  With minimum payments, the loan would have stretched to June of 2011.

I’m giving myself a big pat on the back for this one.


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