Ok, we have narrowed down the choices for the master bathroom to the following:

1) pumpkin spice-y red-orange
2) deep Teal blue
3) grassy-green
4) kind of bloody red
5) neutral taupe, like the bedroom

Remember, the rest of the bathroom is completely neutral, taupe floors, dark brown and white for the curtains and floor mats. The accessories are all brushed nickel. Just so you know, most of the house is neutral taupe, the spare bath is green, the spare bedroom will be a lighter teal blue, and the kitchen & accent wall are orange (though the bathroom would be more of a red-orange instead of bright orange).

Remember it is going to match this:

Sooooo, what do you think? VOTE over on the poll to the right ———–>

I’m not saying what we have as our first choice, and the poll probably won’t make a difference in our decision, but it’s fun to be interactive every once in a while!


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