December 2009: Epic Picture Post

BOBO: My New Year’s Resolution is to update this blog more often. I know my loyal fans are sick of waiting 6 months in between posts!

COCOA: I’ve been a bad girl. What else is new, ha ha!

BOBO: Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Here are some pictures from the last few months to get you through the New Year. Sorry for the lack of commentary.

COCOA: I’m still cute, by the way, even though I’m now 2 years old…

BOBO: After a nice jog in the rain (I’m joking. I hated it).
COCOA: Bobo was a baby. The rain run was fun! 

BOBO & COCOA: SOCK WARS 2009!!!!!!!

COCOA: Our new favorite hang-out: the patio furniture!

BOBO: We dressed up for Halloween this year, to greet the Trick-or-Treaters.
COCOA: Dressing up was stupid…

BOBO: I thought it was fun…
COCOA: Easy for you to say. You got to be the prince. I had to wear this dumb dress…
BOBO & COCOA: Merry Christmas!

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