Extra: Book #60

I just finished the epic novel Under the Dome by Stephen King.   As a lifelong King fan, unfortuntely his work has been hit or miss for me in recent years.  However, this beast of a novel made up for the crap that was Lisey’s Story.

Although over 1,000 pages, this novel did not feel like a burden to finish as other long books often do.  In fact, I felt as though the story still wrapped up too quickly in the end.  In usual King fashion, most of the novel consisted of nail-biting build-up, only to fast-track all of the action during the last 150-200 pages or so.   Gore was present, though at a minimum, and it was a little too political at times for my taste, but if you are a fan of suspense/horror than I recommend this novel wholeheartedly.   It was a great read…a great ride.


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