Extra: 101 Year One, in Review (part 1)

First up:  Analysis of my 101 list progress.

According to my oh-so-stellar calculations, in order to stay on track I needed to complete 37 tasks in my first 365 days in order to stay on track.   Unfortunately, I have NOT completed 37 tasks, I have only managed to check-off 30 items from my list.  Yes, boys and girls, that means I’m BEHIND, a place this anal-retentive over-achiever hates to be.

According to my tag cloud (to the right), it looks as though I spent most of my year EXPANDING MY KNOWLEDGE, but that is deceiving since I posted every time I completed a book in my 50 Books in 1 Year goal.  In actuality, my greatest check-off success came from the FINANCIAL category.  All other categories were ignored almost evenly, with the exceptions of HEALTH and TRAVEL, which I completely neglected.   All hail the New Year, where I am determined to start checking off those HEALTH items.

I’ve already found a few things on my list that, in hindsight, I wouldn’t have put down as goals.  For example, I no longer give a hoot about going back to visit New York City.  Sure, I’d like to visit if we have a particular reason, but my husband and I were just there 2 years ago for a friend’s wedding, and there are SO many places we haven’t been together.  I have been to Boston many times but he has never been, so if we’re taking a trip to New England I think we’ll hit up Boston instead.

I’m also going to take on another project, and there is a strong possibility I will fail miserably at this one.  It’s called Project 365, and the goal is to take a picture a day for a year.  I have a couple of friends who are also doing this project, and since they inspired me I hope they will also motivate me.  Today, I took two pictures.  Which one do you think I should use for the beginning of my project?

Picture 1: Woke up to 2010 with raindrops on my window

Picture 2: Blatant disregard for my 2010 goal of spending less on perishable items by 7:00 am on January 1.

Wish me luck!  I have my trusty Nikon, which takes great shots but is bulky to lug around, my pocket Sony Cybershot, and if all else fails, the lovely iPhone.  Surely between the three of these I’ll manage to find one good shot a day…


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