#50: Leave a 50% tip

I frequent very few restaurants, and out of those restaurants there are very few repeat servers.  There is, however, one server in one downtown restaurant who I can count as my favorite.  The food is good, the service is fast, and she has all of her repeat customers memorized by heart.  So naturally I singled her out as the recipient of my 50% tip.  My plan was to give her a bit of a bigger tip around Christmastime, but as it turned out I didn’t go to the restaurant any time near Christmas at all.

Today, my husband had my car since unfortuantely his vehicle was in the shop getting expensive repairs.  Therefore, I was stranded at work during lunchtime and decided it was a good day to head over to my old favorite lunchtime haunt.  As usual, great service and food, even though I was still grumbling about the monotony of my job and the surprise expense of car repairs.  Usually I don’t bother to check my bad attitude when I’m on a streak, but when the bill came I remembered my intention to give a 50% tip and it gave me a bit of a cheesy reality check…at least I have a good, stable job, a vehicle to repair and money to go out to eat lunch if I so choose.   With that, I paid my bill, added 100% tip instead, and headed back to work.


2 thoughts on “#50: Leave a 50% tip

  1. As a person who spent a good chunk of her life in the service industry, I say xoxo! I’ll bet you made her entire week! I can’t wait to tackle this on my list!

  2. That’s so nice, Ally! Sometimes it’s so hard to remember all the good things when you’re focused on the annoying! I’m sure you made your favorite server very happy 🙂

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