Bathroom upgrades: A semi-amusing tale

Our house was built new in 2007, and we opted out of a lot of the upgrades because in some cases we didn’t like the options they gave us and in others we knew we could get a better deal if we shopped around ourselves.  We didn’t want to add cost to the mortgage when we could pay out of pocket for most of the things we wanted to do.

I won’t go into detail here.  If you want to see our house upgrades, I have a blog for that:  Ally’s Web Space.  It’s not that impressive but my family likes to check it out.  I certainly do not update it as often as this one.

Fast forward to this past weekend.   We decided to do a little upgrade on the master bath, just some simple changes in hardware, lighting and paint.  It was SUPPOSED to be simple, anyway.  What we discovered when we took down the ugly standard Dollar Store-looking vanity light was that the wiring & box were well off-center.   Cue Ally Temper Tantrum #1.

Assuming the construction workers were being slack (why in the world would they put the box off-center when the wall was CLEARLY marked with a bullseye where the box should go????) my husband took out the box and pulled the wiring through.  The plan was to patch the hole and cut a new one where it should have been.  At least that was the plan until he peeked inside the hole and saw…..dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuun…a huge pipe right behind the drywall, preventing the wiring from being placed centered over the sink.  Cue Ally Temper Tantrum #2.

I won’t go into any more detail, suffice to say he managed to pull off  a nice-looking light installation that is still slightly off-center but can be remedied by getting a different mirror.  The story above is how I became frustrated and cranky.  What comes next was what made me temporarily insane.

My husband is a stubborn mule, and decided to change the light without flipping the breaker.  I told him I’d run out to the garage and do it, but he said no no no.    It didn’t matter anyway, because about 10 minutes into his work he tripped the breaker anyway.  I was annoyed for all of the reasons above so I went to the living room to watch TV instead.

He finished the installation, flipped the breaker back on, then went to check out his handiwork.  About 30 seconds later….bam!  Lights out in the entire house.   You probably guessed that my Temper Tantrum #3 happened right about this time, sounding something along the lines of, “How the hell did you knock out the power to the entire house when you were installing a bathroom light???”

We went out to the garage to flip the switches back on, and to our mutual surprise none of them were tripped.  Confused, I went outside to see if anyone else had power and sure enough several of our neighbors were outside checking out the street for the same reason.

We soon found out that the entire TOWN and parts of the city were out of power.  The power outage at our house timed with the installation of the new light was a complete coincidence.  End of tantrum; I just had to laugh instead.

P.S.  This pic from my Project 365 coincides with this story…


3 thoughts on “Bathroom upgrades: A semi-amusing tale

  1. OMG, funny. We upgraded the guest bathroom….when we took off the ugly mirror, the DRYWALL was completely missing behind it. So, before the beautiful framed mirror was installed, we had to go to Lowes and buy a sheet of drywall! We also had to move the light fixture box and B zapped himself.

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