As my laziness increases, my hair pays the price.

When I first started working at my new job, I took the time to get up every morning, shower, blow-dry my hair and then usually ran my CHI over it to make it nice and smooth.  The result = pretty hair.

Then, I started getting lazy.

Instead, I started showering at NIGHT, right before bed, so I could just get up in the morning with dry hair and straighten it with the CHI.   This allowed me to sleep an extra 10 minutes or so, but I literally had to straighten every strand since my hair is naturally wavy.  The result = very flat hair.

I started getting annoyed with the process of straightening my hair every day, and discovered that it didn’t look particularly bad if I just let it air dry.  This meant, of course, I had to switch back to morning showers.   The result=wet head for work, limp and wavy hair when dry.

It’s winter.  It’s cold outside.  Wet hair is annoying when I leave for work in below freezing temperatures.  I’m still too lazy to dry my hair, so my only solution is to shower at night.  However, I’m now also too lazy to straighten my hair in the morning.  The result = bed head at work and/or utilization of a hair tie.

If you’re lucky, I might take a pic during my lunch break.  I’m trying to pretend my hair looks like this on purpose.


Check it out:

And yes, Jenny, I’m mocking you with my thumbs-up.   🙂


3 thoughts on “Hairvolution

  1. Ehhh!

    I’ve been re-oomphing my curly waves with a morning semi-wet/gel/scrunch/diffuser (only for a minute or two, to cut down on the wetness) routine.

    … when I actually do my hair, that is. Oops! 😛

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