Thanks – Blog Awards

Time to pay it forward!

I was given the Happy 101 award by Anne from Anne’s 101.

Ironically, this award features a picture of a cupcake with sprinkles and that is what I just consumed only moments ago.  It’s fate.

The rules for this award are as follows:

1. Copy/paste the award on your blog

2. List who gave you the award and their link

3. List 10 things that make you happy

4. Pass on the award

First things first, 10 things that make me happy (in random order):

Tim, Bobo, Cocoa, Books, Sleeping, Rain, Writing, Food, Family and Friends

Sure, those aren’t exactly thought-provoking answers, but they are honest all the same.

I’m passing this along to Coreysgal at My Bucket List…sort of.

Coreysgal started her list about 6 months after I started mine, but became quite busy soon after when she discovered she was incubating a lovely little spawn.  Most people who began a 101 list around that time have long since abandoned it, but Coreysgal has been slowly but surely keeping track of her progress.  So, congrats Coreysgal, both on the baby and on my blogger award.  I hope  you’re able to knock out your list even though your life is rapidly changing.

I also received another award from one of my favorite online book club friends, Jenny at What the Blog?

This award has been passed around among my online friends, so I apologize if I am sending to someone who has received it over and over.  It just goes to show you that everyone loves you.   Here are the rules laid out for this award:

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2. Copy the award & place it on you blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4. Share 7 interesting things about yourself.
5. Nominate 7 bloggers.

So, THANK YOU JENNY!   Your blog is sure to entertain anyone who finds it.  It’s sometimes silly, sometimes nerdy, and sometimes inspiring.

I’m sure all of you are on pins and needles to find out 7 interesting Ally things, so I shall not make you wait any longer….

Seven Interesting(?) Ally Things:

1) I’m a lover of frogs and toads.  I like real ones, but don’t own any.  I used to collect lots and lots of frog things.

2) When I was a kid I saw a TV show and the host went around asking people to try to say the alphabet backward.  Convinced this would happen to me, I taught myself and now it is so ingrained I can say it nearly as fast as forward.

3) I once drove from the middle of North Carolina to Los Angeles, then to San Francisco, then to Las Vegas, then back to North Carolina again, all in about a 2 week time period.

4) I don’t enjoy ebooks as much as paper books.  I like the feel and smell of real books, even textbooks.  I was the kid who used to sniff a new textbook the first time I opened it.

5) The most miles I have ever run at one time is 11.  Right now I can only slow-jog about a mile and 1/2.  I really want to try a half-marathon one day.

6) I used to hate my husband.  We met at age 23, had a rocky hidden romance for a couple of years, then ended everything dramatically (on my end it was dramatic, anyway).  If you would have told me then that I would end up marrying this jerk, it would have resulted in a bitchslaptotheface.  I’m glad he (and I) grew up.

7) I grew up with my parents and 3 siblings in a 3 bedroom house.  I was 13 when the youngest was born.  I believe these circumstances directly led to my current ability to completely zone out background noise if necessary.  I also need some sort of noise to sleep, read, write, study, anything.  Complete silence is more distracting to me than noise.

To pass along this game (again, sorry for the repeats but you guys really are the ones I read the most…and the ones I think deserve the title of Beautiful Blogger), I would like to TAG YOU’RE IT to Tameka, Jessica, Angel, Leah, Ashley, and Heather.

Now, I’m going to try to go out and enjoy the sunshine.


4 thoughts on “Thanks – Blog Awards

  1. That is so awesome that you can say the alphabet backwards.

    I always smell books. I don’t think I can do the ebook thing, at all.

    You should totally do a half! If you can run 11 miles, you can definitely do a half.

    I did not like my H at all, when we first met, either.

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