Master bath…

So, even though it only received 15% of the vote, we decided to go with an orange color for the master bathroom. We really thought a warm color would look nice with the deep brown of the shower curtain, so we narrowed it down to red or orange, finally settling on sort of an adobe color.
We replaced the main light fixture with a nicer one, and traded the plain mirror in for a nice framed one that centered over the sink:

You can’t see clearly in these pics, but we replaced the towel ring, toilet paper holder, and towel bar with nicer, brushed nickel versions that went well with the new light.

The only thing left in this room is the flooring. We plan to tear up the vinyl flooring in the master bath, spare bath, and kitchen and replace with ceramic or porcelain tile sometime in the next few months.

Also, we’re replacing the ugly gold doorknobs that came with the house:

with these nicer ones:


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