#58: Learn to cook 5 dishes

Since I’m currently doing a two-week sugar detox, I’ve been checking out Kalyn’s Kitchen blog for ideas on how to stop eating the same exact thing over and over.  Her blog specializes in South Beach Diet cooking, and although I don’t plan to follow the entire diet I am using the Phase I guidelines for this detox.

I followed the South Beach Diet before for 4 months with great success, though I gained the weight back immediately when I veered off the path.  I don’t think it’s something I’m interested in doing again, though I hope this detox will break my strong sugar addiction and I will be able to use more moderation when it comes to junk food.

Kalyn’s Kitchen has instructions for making a breakfast casserole, which I followed loosely to make my own version.  If you know me, you know that I’m a terrible cook with very little cooking instinct so I usually avoid it.  (Luckily, I’m married to an amazing cook.)

Here is what I did, loosely:

Non-stick spray on a glass casserole dish.  Diced green peppers, red onions and mushrooms.  Put vegetables in dish:

Mixed 9 eggs, ground pepper and some shredded cheese in a bowl:

Dumped egg mixture over vegetables, poked the veggies around a bit to make sure they were spread evenly.

Baked for about 25 minutes at 375 degrees.  About 3 minutes before baking ended, I put more shredded cheese on top.  I think I put a bit too much, so I’ll try less next time.  The dish seemed to be cooked all the way through with a slight crust on top.

Hope it’s good!


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