#66: 2 week sugar detox

Finished!  And I’m still alive!

I’ve done a detox before, back in 2008, to break a sugar addiction so I knew I could do it again.  It’s difficult to do.  The first few days are uncomfortable, and I always find myself having at least one panic moment where I almost grab something and omnomnom it.

Now that I’m finished with the detox, I’m supposed to add fruit, milk, and whole wheat grains back slowly.   I’m looking forward to eating an orange tomorrow.  After two weeks of meatsandveggiesandcheeseandmeatsandveggiesandcheese I’m sure an orange will taste like heaven to me.

In case you wondered, my detox followed the guidelines of Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet.    It does make the scale drop but most of it is just bloat/water weight and it comes right back once you add carbs back to your diet.  So, I will consider anything I lose from this point ON real weight loss.  Hopefully I will be able to shed a few lbs and not get back to my 2 cupcake a day diet plan.


4 thoughts on “#66: 2 week sugar detox

  1. I’m glad that you stuck with it! It must’ve been super difficult, but hopefully it’s helped make you feel better 🙂

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