Extras: Script Frenzy 2010

So…I decided to take the plunge and participate in Script Frenzy 2010!

This means, of course, that I’m late to the game!  I started yesterday and I’m up to 12 pages.   To keep pace with the goal (if starting with Day 1) one has to write 3 1/3 pages per day.

I need to not only catch up, but PASS the pace since I’ll be offline for my trip toward the end of the month.  I’ll probably bring a notebook and handwrite while on vacation, but I’ll still have to come back and type it up.  Luckily I type fast!

Wish me luck!  I would like to say I write better under pressure, but the fact is that I ONLY write under pressure.   Without a concrete deadline, I completely lack motivation to do one of the few things that actually makes me feel like I’m getting rid of my demons.

30 days, 1o0 pages of a screenplay/script


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