Hair today, gone tomorrow

Almost 10 years ago, I donated 10″ to Locks of Love.   Almost 2 years ago, I had 6″ cut off my hair and regretted not taking off just a few more inches so I could donate it.  So, when I realized a few months ago my hair was getting too long for my liking, I decided to let it grow a few more inches so I could cut off the minimum of 8″ I needed for donation.  After the controversy surrounding LoL, I decided to go with a different non-profit this time, Children with Hair Loss.  This company uses the hair for children who have hair loss due to any reason – disease, chemotherapy, burn scars, etc.  They need a minimum of 8″ and it can be hair that has been colored.  My hair hasn’t been colored with permanent color or bleached in probably 4 or 5 years.  I’m a big fan of going darker, so I just have demi-permanant (fades out) hair color added when I want a color change.  Demi-permanent gives the hair a great shine and makes it really soft.  However you can only change the tint or go darker with it.

Here was my hair a few days ago:

I decided to go with a few long layers and side bangs.  Here is my hair post-haircut:

Here is the lovely ponytail to send in (this creeps me out for some reason, by the way):

I also Vlogged about it.  Now I just need to figure out how to style it myself.  Lord knows I’m not very talented at fixing my hair.


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