#Project365 – Bo & Bean Week (131/365)

Our backyard is not what one would consider “well-maintained.”  We keep the front yard in relatively nice working order, but our backyard should feel lucky when it gets mowed.  It’s a wasteland of weeds, holes dug by Bean, an overgrown garden and one struggling pink dogwood.

This, of course, makes Bean very happy.  She frolics in the grass if it starts to get high and sometimes munches on the weeds.  She murders stuffed animals, digs holes and sticks the stuffing inside.  As you saw in my previous post, she spends a lot of time wrestling Bobo (and, even though she’s much younger and stronger, always lets him win).

So, here is Bean munching on some weeds for my pic of the day:


One thought on “#Project365 – Bo & Bean Week (131/365)

  1. She is so cute! What is it with dogs and eating grass/weeds? Jewel and Wolfwood do this all the time. Which is fine, until Wolfwood pukes up grass on the kitchen floor. *sigh* Hopefully Cocoa doesn’t do that for you! hehe

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