#Project365 A/C issues again! Grrrrr (135/365)

Our house is 3 years old.  We change the filters regularly.  Why oh why is our A/C already being fickle??

A few weeks ago, we noticed it was running all the time but not quite keeping up.  So, we gave it a new filter, turned it off for a night and it worked fine the next day.  And the next day…

Until now.

This afternoon, it was 84 outside and 82 inside the house.  Obviously too hot for this warm-natured girl and obviously not doing what A/C is supposed to do.   So, we turned it back off and I’ll see if that helped tomorrow.  If not, the dogs and I are in for a hot day (my husband will at least be in the a/c, even though it’s because he has to work).  Hope we can get a Mr. A/C Fix-it in early next week!  Until we do, it looks like our ceiling (and floor!) fans will be working overtime.


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