#Project365: Blast from an art past (148/365)

I used to love to draw.   I was never OMGGOOD at it, but it was enjoyable for me and I sometimes ended with something I thought was decent enough to save from the garbage.  Knowing this, I took a studio art class in college under an absolutely amazing professor.  For one of our projects, we had to start a ribbon of shading and end with a page full of shades of gray in different sizes and depths.  The professor liked my results so much it was one of the few projects displayed that semester in the hallway – our makeshift art gallery.

I framed it after it came down at the end of the semester and have displayed it in my home ever since.  It was never titled.  Someone once said it looked like a bunch of chewing gum stuck under a desk.   Tim thinks it looks like a wadded up piece of paper.  I don’t know myself what it is, but it comforts me even though it’s not a masterpiece.  It reminds me that even though I may not know where things will end up, all I have to do is start somewhere and keep going.  I’ll know the end when I get there.


2 thoughts on “#Project365: Blast from an art past (148/365)

  1. You say you aren’t good, but I really like this piece. I’ve been very drawn to abstract art lately. This is right up my alley. (hehe…ally)

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