#Project365: The Tale of the Big Ugly (150/365)

Yesterday I watched Say Yes to the Dress, read, and played with the dogs in order to avoid cleaning.   Today, I’ve been watching Four Weddings (can you tell I’ve been in wedding mode since BFF got engaged?), but it wasn’t enough to distract me from the pile of dishes in the sink and the dog hair on the floor.  So, I decided to try on the dresses in my closet to see which ones fit.

While pulling out my dresses (don’t get excited, I probably only have about 10 total) I rediscovered a dress I had forgotten about – The Big Ugly.  The Big Ugly was bought on a whim in 2006 during a random shopping trip to Banana Republic.  When I saw the dress my first thought was, “Who the hell would spend that kind of money on this hideous dress?”   So, for fun I tried it on.  It was equally hideous on the body, made of silk and flowy but with an unflattering neckline, slouchy silhouette and awkward scarf-thing.  I just had to have it.

Just to clarify – I’m not some fashionista who can pull off a weird look and seem fashion-forward.  I had been shopping for hours (which I absolutely despise) and if I couldn’t find a dress at this store I was going to go to my friend’s Indianapolis wedding naked.   So, The Big Ugly it was.  No one said anything at the wedding, but I can’t help but wonder if a few people thought I was insane.

Glad I’m not a celebrity.  I’d be on Go Fug Yourself.

That was 2006.  Here I am, in 2010, trying on The Big Ugly Ugly once again.  I’m still so fond of this monstrosity.  I wonder if I can find somewhere else to wear it.  I don’t have to worry about it being out of fashion; this beast was never in fashion to begin with.

Am I the only one with a fondness for a truly hideous item of clothing?


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