#Project365: A House Guest (153/365)

Meet Abby.

Abby is my SIL’s dog.   We usually don’t take on a lot of overnight doggie guests because Bobo is old, grumpy and easily annoyed and Cocoa Bean is – there’s no nice way of saying it – chickenshit.  If she had been born into dog fighting, she would be the bait.  However, since my SIL was kind enough to watch our mutts when we were on vacation, we figured a little house guest won’t hurt.

Abby likes the outdoors, but unfortunately it’s been pouring rain.  She discovered and mastered the doggie door quickly, which has resulted in her going in and out and in and out of the rain and tracking water and mud all over the kitchen and living room.  She even hopped up on the couch with muddy feet.  Bobo has already snapped at her twice for annoying him out of his slumber, and Cocoa has become a pathetic little wimp with her tail between her legs, clinging to us like a baby.

Still, Abby is a sweetheart.  She wants to play and lick and cuddle.  Too bad she’s staying in a houseful of grumps…


One thought on “#Project365: A House Guest (153/365)

  1. Poor Abby! Sorry about your couch, though 😦

    It’s not much better at my house, though. Knight has Bobo’s grumpiness and Jewel definitely has Cocoa’s chickenshit-ness. haha.

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