#Project365: Still sugar-free… (154/365)

Even after doing the sugar detox and physically weaning myself from sweets, my psychological addiction remains.  I’ve always been an emotional eater, and sweets were always the most wonderful comfort food.  I miss them.

I substituted sugar-free jello for a while, then sugar-free pudding with cool whip lite (both allowed on South Beach).  I found myself obsessed with the pudding, however, and realized I was just substituting one addiction for another.  Besides, eating too much artificial sweetener is just not good for me.

So, here is my new substitute:  sugar-free fudgesicles.

Still artificial sweetener, but not as much, plus I don’t have nearly as many cool-whip fantasizes as before.   And guess what?  I decided not to have “cheatmeal” this weekend.  Next weekend I’ll be at my parents’ house, and I fully expect to eat whatever I want.


One thought on “#Project365: Still sugar-free… (154/365)

  1. That looks tasty. I’m proud of you for keeping up with your healthy eating! I know it’s so hard, I wish I had your willpower.

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